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The taste of cacao
expressing itself

The taste of cacao
expressing itself

Always amazing, never the same

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DAR Chocolate

“If eating chocolate is like music, this is a symphony”

-"The movement geek"

“If eating chocolate is like music, this is a symphony”

Sense the different flavors and aromas as they develop and subside successively, like waves – some carrying hints of citrus, others undercurrents of smoky earth, tobacco, berries, and many more.

Our chocolates pair very happily with beer, whiskey and wine. They also wonderfully complement cheese and crackers. To attain the full sensual experience we recommend to consume our chocolates on a clean palette. Take a bite and let it slowly melt on your tongue.

Eat chocolate to save the planet ☺ - an extra sweet deal!
Every delicious bite of our chocolates is also helping save the rainforests and regenerate the social and ecological systems where the precious cacao grows.

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What They’re Saying

"Top Notch! Arrives in a temperature controlled package with terrific design. Even the chocolate itself is beautiful, it breaks into triangular shapes instead of boring squares. But most importantly, this is some of the most delicious, well-balanced chocolate I've tasted, and I've worked in fine dining for over 25 years."

- Paul V., CA

"Although I was immediately impressed by the pomegranate truffle bar (and also enjoyed the almond variety), I must admit I was hesitant to try the olive oil and lemon zest flavor - - But now soooo glad I did as this is my new favorite flavor and I am a complete convert!"

- Karen S., VA

"Love love love this chocolate!!! Got addicted to it on a trip to Denver. Now I order it regularly…I eat a piece of the Dark Coffee bar every night! Can't wait to try the new truffle bars! "

- Denise W., VA

"This chocolate is amazing! The word that came to mind when I put this piece of chocolate in my mouth was- beautiful! It has a beautiful flavor with layers of I don't even know how to describe this! DAR people, you are doing an amazing job"

- Elise M., CO

"My husband brought home a bar of your 72% Peru from a Denver work trip and it is incredible! I think it is the best tasting chocolate I have ever had in all of my 49 years on earth. Excited to try your other bars. I also love the art! Thank you for doing what you do so well!"

- Heather F., PA

"I’ve been keeping the Dar chocolates to myself for the past year. I’ve turned my husband on to Dar and he ate an entire Peru bar in one day. He made a point of commenting how amazing this chocolate tastes. Guess I was wise to keep them to myself"

- Mari N., CO

"We have ordered from you several times in the last few months. The chocolate is awesome and you deliver so quickly! Thank you so much, we really love the treat!"

- Lilly P., NY

"Had my order delivered the other day. Just wanted to compliment you on the excellent taste and quality of your chocolate bars. I will be a return customer for sure. Thanks! "

- Cindy H., MI

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The Stream of Chocolateness

The Stream of Chocolateness

Of chocolate I speak. Not that standardized, diluted facsimile which is its namesake. Real chocolate, born through a lengthy and complex series of processes, achieved with endless patience and perseverance.
Quick & Easy: How to Make Mousse

Quick & Easy: How to Make Mousse

Have you ever wanted a quick & easy recipe to make delicious chocolate mousse? We'll break it down for you below! 
Rare and unique Costa Rican limited edition

Rare and unique Costa Rican limited edition

This Costa Rican chocolate is truly special, made with beans that are 12 years old. The intensity of the flavors will surprise you! 

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