The Stream of Chocolateness

Leora Gill-Palgi

Of chocolate I speak. Not that standardized, diluted facsimile which is its namesake.

Real chocolate, born through a lengthy and complex series of processes, achieved with endless patience and perseverance. True chocolate, as nature intended it to be. Whole chocolate, created by crushing the entire cocoa bean, complete with all its super-food qualities, and retaining its distinctive flavor. From trees growing naturally in the jungles of Costa Rica, with other trees for company and competition, with bees and butterflies for proliferation, with no pesticides whatsoever. Allowed to mature naturally, with no interference in the natural process, these beans are hand-picked, fermented on nets in the sun, roasted carefully, selected manually and then ground forcefully for several days. After all this a dark river is produced, bitter if unsweetened, but so rich that it creates magical combinations with any other taste. Its texture unique and irresistible, it is a substance as unexpected and moody as the weather.
Into this dark river I dipped my foot. And felt the Stream of Chocolateness growing wider and deeper as I came closer until finally I was submerged completely, my soul soaking in the divine liquid, my body riveting with energy, my mind fully awake for the first time. 

Oh cruel and fickle mistress, I am yours forever!

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