Rare and unique Costa Rican limited edition

What makes our Costa Rican chocolate so special are, first and foremost, the beans. Considered “flavor cacao”, these beans have the potential for a rich and complex flavor, as do only 15% of all cacao grown in the world. The beans were harvested in 2009 on the Finmac farm which produced its last harvest in 2017, making it a batch that will never come again!

Fermented on the Finmac farm in traditional wooden boxes, the initial stages of developing the hidden tastes began.

Dried in a unique process by the Grand Master of craft chocolate making, Steve DeVries. A pioneer of Bean-To-Bar chocolate making, Steve spent 15 years refining his skills as an awarded chocolate maker in his factory in Denver. Applying his passion, knowledge and endless curiosity to the art of taste-development, Steve took this special batch of beans to Costa Rica’s high and relatively dry Central valley. Using the abundant sun of San Jose he applied a centuries old drying method learned from the famous cacao village of Chuao on the north coast of Venezuela. This method is an intermittent and gentle drying, using only the heat of the morning sun and then piling up the beans for the rest of the day. In this manner the acids are efficiently released, continuing the development of the chocolate flavors.

To understand the next stage in the evolution of this chocolate one must first realize that Bean-to-Bar chocolate retains the eternal qualities of the original cacao beans, the very qualities that made it as precious as gold in some cultures. But cacao is not only forever, it is forever changing. As each year goes by, the cacao beans develop and the tastes mature.

These special beans were allowed to mature 12 years, making it rarer still. We were greatly honored when Steve offered us this unique batch, and would like to express our utmost gratitude for his help, guidance, support and endless teaching all along the way.

For the ultimate chocolate tasting experience, begin with a clean palette. Allow a small piece of chocolate to melt in your mouth, and a wave of flavor with a beginning, peak and finish will unfold. Flavor notes in this bar are deep chocolatey with hints of ripe berries.

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