Our Story

We spent 1.5 years in the land of birds, rain and cocoa. We then set out to begin the American chapter of our story, continuing our affair with chocolate, and in April 2016 we landed in Denver, Colorado. Find out more about our story!

Our Beans

During our first encounter with the Bean-To-Bar chocolate concept, (AKA "pure chocolate" with 2 ingredients only), we became aware of the whole process and journey of a bean until it becomes a chocolate bar. Find our more about the process from bean to bar, as well as other insights into the journey of chocolate.


We are a family owned & run company, and locally source the highest quality of hemp-derived CBD. Using only 2-3 ingredients in our CBD chocolate is not just “the most delicious” (as many say), but also a healthy one. Find out more about what makes our CBD chocolate special.

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