Simply Indulgent... you won't even notice the difference! 

What makes DAR sugar free bars different?

It's in the recipe. Creamy and crunchy almonds or hazelnuts, in dark or milk chocolate. 

Using Monk-fruit and erythritol as the sweetener alternatives, they are both natural and have the least after-taste. But that is not enough! Because It begins with choosing the perfect beans that highlight the true flavor of cacao. Then adding just the right amount of a few healthy ingredients to make a delightfully creamy, divinely delicious chocolate!

Take your time to allow the chocolate to melt in your mouth, as the aromas of the cacao open up on your palette. Make sure to take a minute and reflect on the craft of chocolate making by admiring the original BloomArt found on the inside of the packaging of every bar, and discover what YOU see.

DAR sugar free chocolate

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