The Start of Our Journey

In the middle of our lives we took off on a journey to an unknown horizon. Leaving everything behind, with one suitcase in each hand, our small family set out en route to California, USA. We didn’t really know what we were going to do once we were there, but as it happened, we never got there…


Our First Encounter

Call it fate, divine intervention, or just a fluke - something came up which forced us to change course, and go to Costa Rica instead. We thought it was only a detour, a pause in the plan. Little did we know that in that lush tropical land we will meet our destiny. 

There, between majestic mountains and pristine beaches, was our first encounter with cacao. Our urban souls melted when we discovered the original true form of chocolate!

Enchanted & Curious

Introduced to us as a “super-food”, the first time we tasted cacao was in its raw form, ground and mixed into a lightly sweetened smoothie. We were amazed at the rich, wild and complex taste of the Cacao seed. Enchanted and curious, we started traveling around Costa Rica to learn all we can about the tree, its fruit, and the various stages on its way to becoming chocolate.

We visited Cocoa farms, met chocolate makers who work in different techniques and styles, and learned in depth how to make a delicious, shiny and snappy chocolate bar.

The Operation

We spent 18 months in Costa Rica, learning and making contacts, then headed to Denver, Colorado, to start our bean to bar chocolate operation. After several months of working out of our garage, we moved into our own commercial kitchen. Since then, our chocolate company has been steadily growing.

From a husband and wife operation we are now a core team of 4 and have additional people working with us on different aspects of the business - from finances to social media, brokerage and marketing.

DAR Chocolate

It was a natural choice for us to name our company DAR Chocolate. We were delighted to discover all its positive meanings in various languages: DAR (Arabic) - House / DAR (Hebrew) - To Live; Mother Of Pearl / DAR (Spanish) - To Give / DAR (Polish) - Gift / DAR - Our last name.

Our chocolates are currently being sold at all Whole Foods stores in Colorado and several beyond. DAR chocolates can also be found at Pharmaca, Alfalfa’s, Lucky’s and many natural food groceries, cafes and other specialty stores throughout the state, and expanding into other locations throughout the US.

Connecting the dots backwards, it looks like the cacao had found us, more than us finding the cacao… 

As John Lennon said: Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

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